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GNU Midnight Commander is a GPL licensed file manager like the popular Norton Commander, but available for many Operating Systems, including Linux.

Prebuild Version

A ready-to-go verson of Midnight Commander v4.6.1 is available from http://www.linkstationwiki.net/index.php?title=Midnight_Commander.


Converting RPMs

As stated in another location in this Wiki, there are PPC rpms available, but the TeraStation does not understand RPM. Therefore you need to convert the RPMs first. I wrote this small script named teradlppcrpm.sh, which needs to be run on another Linux machine:

 # Download and convert .rpm to .tar.gz
 if [ $# -lt 1 ]
         echo "Please specify packet name without .ppc.rpm extension!"
 wget ftp://core.ring.gr.jp/pub/linux/Vine/VineSeed/ppc/pool/$1.ppc.rpm
 mkdir $1
 cd $1
 rpm2cpio ../$1.ppc.rpm | cpio -idv
 tar -zcpf ../$1.tgz .
 cd ..

Note: gentoo users can use rpm2targz to convert the rpms.

Getting necessary files

Midnight Commander needs glib und gpm libraries before it will run, so there are four packages in total. Call this script teradl-mc.sh in the same folder:

 # Download and convert packages necessary for Midnight Commander on TeraStation
 for folder in 'glib-1.2.10-0vl7' 'gpm-1.20.1-35vl3' 'gpm-libs-1.20.1-35vl3' 'mc-4.5.54-0vl4'; do
         ./teradlppcrpm.sh $folder
 echo You may now copy the .tgz files to your TeraStation and install them there using
 echo sudo tar -xzv /mnt/array1/share/software/xyz.tgz
 echo where xyz corresponds to the tgz names created by this script.

It will call the first script to download and convert those four packages, and give you 4 tgz files you need to copy to your TeraStation.


You can also do this in one step if you don't like those scripts (I wrote them only because I think I might want to add more packages later). This allows you to put all into just one package as well:

 wget ftp://core.ring.gr.jp/pub/linux/Vine/VineSeed/ppc/pool/glib-1.2.10-0vl7.ppc.rpm
 wget ftp://core.ring.gr.jp/pub/linux/Vine/VineSeed/ppc/pool/gpm-1.20.1-35vl3.ppc.rpm
 wget ftp://core.ring.gr.jp/pub/linux/Vine/VineSeed/ppc/pool/gpm-libs-1.20.1-35vl3.ppc.rpm
 wget ftp://core.ring.gr.jp/pub/linux/Vine/VineSeed/ppc/pool/mc-4.5.54-0vl4.ppc.rpm
 mkdir mcpluslibs
 cd mcpluslibs
 rpm2cpio ../glib-1.2.10-0vl7.ppc.rpm | cpio -idv
 rpm2cpio ../gpm-1.20.1-35vl3.ppc.rpm | cpio -idv
 rpm2cpio ../gpm-libs-1.20.1-35vl3.ppc.rpm | cpio -idv
 rpm2cpio ../mc-4.5.54-0vl4.ppc.rpm | cpio -idv
 tar -zcpf ../mcpluslibs.tgz .
 cd ..

Now just copy mcpluslibs.tgz to your TeraStation share.

With more packages I prepare for my TeraStation, I my provide a full script that automates everything in just one script.


Extract files

Open a SSH shell to your TeraStation, and install those packages using

 sudo sudo tar --numeric-owner -xzvf /mnt/array1/share/software/xyz.tgz

At this point, MC will be missing libgpm.so.1. The quick way to get this is to do a

 cd /usr/lib
 sudo ln libgpm.so.1.19.0 libgpm.so.1

When you're done, you can run Midnight Commander by simply typing mc.