Turn your LinkStation into a Kuro Box (PowerPC)

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Originally by frontalot and edited by james from linkstationwiki.org

Turn your Linkstation into a Kuro Box

I don't recommend that you convert your LinkStation into a Kuro Box. There is a little uncertainty regarding the future of the Kuro Box. The official Kuro Box web site was in disarray but is now being run by the community - the wiki is functional again, but a little sparse and the forums also now work. However, LinkStation hacking has made great strides, to the point where it has surpassed the Kuro Box in available hacks.


There is a possibility that you could brick your NAS with these instructions. Please make sure that you read the entire page carefully. Converting your LinkStation into a Kuro Box may permanently damage the LinkStation. The method described below will only work on the HD-HLAN V1 with 4MB flash memory, not the HD-LAN V1 LinkStation?. Boxes with 16MB might get even broken in the process.

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Please note that you will lose your warranty - don't blame me if anything goes wrong!

Gain root access to the LinkStation

Fixing the Filesystem

  • Copy fix_ext2_magic to the LinkStation. You may download fix_ext2_magic from the downloads.
  • Extract fix_ext2_magic:
tar -pzxf fix_ext2_magic-1.1_powerpc.tgz
  • Fix the ext2 superblock:
/mnt/share/fix_ext2_magic --fix /dev/hda1
/mnt/share/fix_ext2_magic --fix /dev/hda4

Updating the Software

  • Download the stock Kuro Box and LinkStation firmwares from [downloads]. Extract both on your PC. You should now have 2 directories on your Windows PC, 1 with the Kuro Box firmware update and 1 with the LinkStation firmware update.
  • Copy the Kuro Box firmimg.bin to the LinkStation. Rename the Kuro Box image.zip to image.dat and move it to the directory containing the LinkStation firmware updater, replacing the existing file.
  • Now run HD-HLAN FWUpdate.exe and start the update process. You will receive an error at the end! Ignore it and turn the LinkStation off then back on.
  • The LinkStation should now be in EM mode with the IP address Open a telnet session to the LinkStation and log in as root (the password is kuro).
  • Backup the original Flash ROM to a file named firmimg.bin:
cat /dev/fl1 > /mnt/share/original-fl1
  • Then flash the new Kuro Box firmimg.bin:
cat /mnt/share/firmimg.bin > /dev/fl1
  • Once the flash process has completed, issue the following commands:


Most of this information courtesy of: Revolution Community Site - Turn your Linkstation into a Kuro Box Link no longer available